Secondhand iPhone Buying Tips

Buying a secondhand iPhone device is not an easy matter. Moreover, looking for a used iPhone with the good physical condition is also increasingly difficult to do. Being smart and meticulous is not enough. Check out the iPhone screen, if the screen is having problems, you can visit our website and find iphone 6s screen repair. In order not to lose money when buying a secondhand iPhone, there are many things you should know before having your dream smartphone. Then, what should you do before you actually buy it?

1. Check Physical Conditions
You should check the physical condition of the used iPhone to buy, and check the completeness of the used iPhone accessories. If the physical iPhone is not problematic, immediately review the completeness of accessories such as earphone and charger. Make sure all accessories are original and work properly. In addition, the iPhone performance test by checking phone features, SMS, voice, home button, power button, volume button, camera, USB port, audio headphone, fingerprint sensor (if any), Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi, touchscreen responsiveness, GPS. In addition, you should also check the battery condition of the iPhone, whether it still works properly or not.

2. Check Authenticity
You can check whether your iPhone device is genuine or fake (super copy). To ensure this, you can enter the serial number on the Check Service and Support Coverage page to ensure the authenticity of your product.

3. Check iCloud
This is the most fatal and underrated many prospective buyers of the former iPhone. Most of them do not check whether iCloud on the former iPhone is signed out or not. If not, try asking your seller to sign out immediately from his iCloud account. How to check it is also easy, you just go to the Settings menu -> iCloud. If you still have iCloud mail signed in, rush to the seller to sign out for their iCloud account.

4. Check iPhone FU or SU
If you see a lot of writing ‘FU’ on the iPhone you want to buy, the iPhone is a Factory Unlock (FU) which is usually circulated officially. This iPhone can be used by other operators. Meanwhile, iPhone SU (Software Unlock) is the iPhone that his SIM is unlocked by the software, usually, the iPhone network will not run normally.