Reasons to have new drone version

Many of us are surely familiar with the drone. When talking about this gadget, we often think about how technology can change the world. In general, there are so many reasons to buy drones, especially the one made with more features. The following are the reasons why a drone is a must-have gadget.

Active track feature makes the picture quality better

Often difficult to find the right angle to take moving pictures? There will be no more events with Active Track feature in Phantom 4. The Active Track feature can give commands to drones to follow certain objects. All you have to do is just point to the person or object on the smartphone screen and the drone will move to follow the object.

The new sensor makes for more security

Often we have a little trouble to fly the drones. Even worse if there is a strong wind that blows so that the drone drifts without direction and then hit a tree or building. This will not happen if you have the newest drone that is made with 4 new sensors that can detect the environment around the drone.