Internet Access Channels and Speed of Access

There are several ways to access the internet, one of which is by connecting a computer to a network that has been connected to the internet. Channels that can be used to obtain internet access are as follows!

a) Speed of Satellite Internet Access
Currently the internet is not a difficult thing to find in remote areas because along with the growth of the era, then the supply of internet connection in the village was already covered with satellite internet or commonly called the internet pelosok. It is quite satisfactory because with the internet pelosok, the village community can easily get information and even communicate.

b) Internet-LAN Access Speed
One way to connect to the internet is by connecting your computer to a network of computers connected to the internet. This method is widely used in companies, campuses, and internet cafes. Computer that used as a server (computer service) is in connection to the internet. Other computers on the network are then connected to the server. Usually a computer that serves as a server is connected to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) via a telephone cable or via an antenna. Meanwhile, to connect the computer to the server computer is done by using a LAN card (LAN Card) and coaxial cable (UTP).