How Does The Immune System Work?

The key to a healthy immune system is the ability to distinguish between self and foreign objects entering the body. Usually when there are foreign objects that enter the body is recognized then there will be a process of self-defense. Well, to strengthen the self-defense system then all you need is to routinely consume Soman in order to keep your immune system in order to stay fit. Visit and get Soman!

In general, the mechanism of our body’s immune system is that when there are antigens (foreign bodies that enter the body) are detected, then some cell types work together to find out who they are and respond. These cells trigger B lymphocytes to produce antibodies, a special protein that leads to a specific antigen.

Antibodies themselves can neutralize toxins produced from a variety of organisms, and antibodies can also activate a group of proteins called complement which is part of the immune system and help destroy infected bacteria, virus, or cells.