Ice Cream Queen Just Dairy Queen

You must know an ice cream shop called Dairy Queen. Ice cream menu from Dairy Queen is already known around the world. You will find a variety of delicious ice cream to enjoy. Starting from the state of Illinois, the United States, which serves cold menus such as ice cream, milkshake and more. In Dairy Queen there is a type of DQ Breakfast Menu ice cream is unique and interesting to try. The special is not the taste but from the density of ice cream. The name of ice cream is Blizzard, serving ice cream that looks normal but has a unique thing. Ice cream is guaranteed not to spill even though the ice cream cup reversed 180 degrees.

Ice cream deliberately reversed downward and ice cream does not fall at all. This is what attracted people to the uniqueness and enjoyment of ice cream Blizzard. Here ice cream served with various toppings are fun to try, like one of them is fermented Oreo. The combination of soft vanilla ice cream flavor mixed with the crunchy oreo delivers a delicious taste sensation to the tongue. Ice creamy made with quality alloys. You can feel yourself with a thick aroma of milk. So ice cream is pegged with a fairly expensive price, but worth it with the pleasure. In addition to its unique ice cream.