Get your Z

Z known as Z Med Clinic Houston TX is an internet medical clinic spread across Texas. It is consist of four clinic center, two located in Houston, and each last two located in Corpus Christi and The Woodlands. Each of clinic centers has the advanced medical equipment to provide accurate patient health result. These accurate results will be analyzed by our professional and experienced doctors to get the overall patient health condition. Accurate health result and detailed analyze resulting accurate and possible treatment option for a patient health problem.

Z Med Clinic Houston TX has telemedicine program with various services that not only save your time and money but also gives solutions to your problem. Do not worry about the leak of your private information because we use VHDS services to give high-quality video consultations and secure data transfer. Currently this service only available for weight loss program and Bio-Identical hormone therapy program, however, we planned to expand this service for all treatment offered. Z Med Clinic Houston TX works together with immigration attorneys to perform immigration physical examination for immigrant by government standard registered under USCIS. The test consists of tuberculosis and syphilis examination. Z Med Clinic also administers several vaccines including MMR, varicella, Td (tetanus and diphtheria) and flu for some occasion. All physical examination performed thoroughly but in polite manners. A PRP (Platelets Rich Plasma) therapy is one of the advanced services in Z Med Clinic. It uses patient blood plasma for repair and regeneration several conditions in bones, skin, and hair. Hence the use of blood plasma, it has higher success rate and least side effect for its action. It can restore damaged join, increase hair growth rate and can be used for the anti-aging purpose. Other services offered also had many benefits for our health. Now, quickly get your own ‘Z’!