General Event Categories

I almost see everyday advertisements or promotions or publications or invitations about an event. Sometimes I see it on television, or on the roadside billboard, or on banners, some even I see in a photocopied black-and-white brochure that seems to be made for what it is. The purpose of all that promotion is to invite anyone who sees, hears or reads it. Well if you are currently planning to organize an event then it would be better if you hire a trusted vendor, as you can find at fuar hostesi.
Regardless, the type is very diverse. There are wedding reception invitations, reunion events announcements, billboard advertising concert music events, even blood donation activities there is promotion. Suppose we want to categorize the types of events, there will be a lot of classification. Well here’s the category!

Event fundamentally is categorized into 2, namely:
Commercial / Profit oriented Event, the event held with the purpose of the Constitution, the edges of money. Good money for the owner of the product / service, or money for the event organizer itself. The variety is very much, for example: Launching New Varian of products, Music Concert, Product exhibition, etc.
Non-commercial / Non-profit oriented, i.e. events that are not commercial, relatively more lenient to money, usually the owner of the fund or sponsor of the event or donors do not want a profit but the event organizers alias EO is still hoping for a profit on services they have provider of course. For example: blood donation activities, wedding parties, reunion events, etc.
From these two fundamental categories, we can create and direct events to be created with concepts like, where, using anything, involving anyone for how long and others.

After we determine the event that will be made into the event type where, then we will categorize it into 2 more, which in its implementation will create a very striking difference in the execution rate. That is:
Outdoor Event, an event held outside the door, just the origin of this event out of the door is called outdoor. The event held is not in a building, it may be more rarely interpreted like that.
Indoor Event, the event is held where the participants must enter the room through a door even more inconsequential definition. Events are held inside a building or building.