How to deal with your fear of horror movies

Setting up a Mobile near where the movie is watching
Preparing mobile phones is another alternative to distract from the horror of the horror movies we watch, we can use the phone to take a break from the atmosphere of gripping movies by just reading chat on BBM, WhatsApp, line, or looking at Instagram when tired with a fast tempo gripping movies the horror we watch. In the meantime, don’t forget to also visit to find many movies online for free of charge.

Imagine the funny things

As a diversion from fear, sometimes silly imaginations can also help lower anxiety levels while watching a horror movie, just use our imagination to imagine the horror movie we see as an intriguing funny scenario. That way the fear experienced when deepening the movie is going to turn into a silly unthinkable thing.

Choose a horror movie with a favorite actor

Another tip is to choose a horror movie with a favorite artist cast, when we watch, of course, the characters in the film will have a big effect in stealing our attention to see the movie until the end of the story, with a favorite actor or actress will certainly be a fear-shatter breaker into a things we want to see until the movie ends.